And if I Scream reom the top of my lungs, would there be anybody to hear- into oblivion, Aliyias

30 March 2016


Stoked to play, we hereby gladly announce that our first gig in Year 2016 will be with our friends from "Imminence" and awesome local Band

"The Oklahoma Kid".


One of the best lineups one can get and you definitely should not miss this!


We're ready for another year of awesome crowds.

Rock with us at this amazing show!

And if I Scream reom the top of my lungs, would there be anybody to hear- into oblivion, Aliyias

ALIYIAS sends out the best wishes for all of you and we thank everyone who supported us in 2015.

This year brought us the highest and most precious moments as a band so far, but unfortunately also threw the biggest obstacles in our way.
But we have found ourselves again, setting goals for the future as a 4piece band.

We are confidently and eagerly looking into year 2016, as we plan to record a brand new song for you in february, so stay tuned and bang your heads!

We're neither silent nor dead!




With our old Vocalist Karl leaving the band we found ourselves in a pretty strange position. We talked a lot about singers we like, that could fill the empty spot. We met with some new people and had some practices and "try-out's", but after a short time we realised, that we didn't want to replace Karl with anybody, that wouldn't fit into the idea and deeper meaning behind our music.


We wanted to have somebody that has the same passion for our band as we have, and would sing every single note and word from the bottom of their heart. And that was probably the moment when we decided "let's try it by ourselves" - and well it somehow worked out.


So from this point on we wanted to tell you guys that we're continueing at a four piece with Richy taking over the main vocals, Rico doing backups and Robert adding some cleans every here and then.


Prepare for more news to follow soon.



Lawrence Taylor and Aliyias

SPECIAL FAN FRIDAY!!! Lawrence Taylor from While She Sleeps checked out our EP '[æˈlaɪəs]' at this year's Destruction Derby Festival in Roßlau!